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Mystic Tan

Mystic Tan is a full-body, DHA tanning process that utilizes the new MagneTan® technology. The Mystic Tan booth is located in a comfortable, private room. You simply enter the room, disrobe and step into the booth. A push of a button activates the MagneTan® nozzles and the solution is attracted to your body by the exclusive MagneTan® technology. Forty-five seconds later the process is complete! Simply step out of the booth, towel dry any remaining mist, dress and enjoy the benefits of a uniform, natural looking tan that took less than 5 minutes and will last for days.

MyMyst technology allows you to personally customize your sunless experience. The formula starts out as a clear, fragrance-free, bronzer-free solution. You decide whether to add instant bronzer, tropical scent or accelerator (or all three!) to your experience. We offer you the newest formulations to produce a tan that lasts longer, fades more evenly, and provides a natural looking tan for all skin types and tones.

We offer Mystic EXTRAS including aroma, single & triple boosters, and accelerators (cuts time in half).

Norvell Auto Revolution

The Auto Revolution is a state-of-the-art spray booth utilizing Norvell's patented iNTELLiSPRAY Technology and Smart Booth designed to simulate the personalized touch of a handheld airbrush session while offering the privacy of an automatic spray booth. Here are some of the highlights:
  • iNTELLiSPRAY Solution Scientifically proven, meticulously formulated, first of its kind combination sunless solution.
  • Integrated Height Sensing Technology Equipped with height sensors, the auto booth calibrates the tanning session based on the height of the client, creating a completely customized session.
  • Recirculation Down-Draft Technology Working with gravity, pulling solution downward, while warming and comforting the skin.
  • Heated Environment Activates the DHA within the Norvell iNTELLiSPRAY Solution, virtually jump starting the tanning process.
  • Automated Voice Command - No need for special dance instructions or elaborate movements. The revolution moves while you stay put.
  • Award Winning HVLP Design simulates a handheld spraying session.
  • Virtually No Dry Time


1 session for $44
5 sessions for $169
10 sessions for $289

Before & After Care For Sunless Tans

Make your tan last up to 7 days

  • Shower, shave and exfoliate your skin.
  • Avoid using moisturizers and lotions that are not specially formulated for sunless tanning before your sunless session.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes or make-up that provides a barrier for absorption.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to your session.

  • Wait at least 6 hours before your first rinse. do not use a washcloth or loofa.
  • Avoid engaging in activities that cause you to sweat heavily until your tan has fully developed (at least 6 hours).
  • Moisturize daily with a post-sunless product

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