ATTENTION: Our Murray Hill location has moved. You can now find us in Midtown East at 240 East 56th St - 3rd floor.
OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK. Must be 18 or over to use UV equipment.


10 POINTS for $139
20 POINTS for $239
*1pt & 2pt beds/standups. Smaller packages are also available for all levels. Call us for details. Our prices are one of the best in New York City!
Starship VHR69 Level 2
$25 per session
Starship VHR69

Price: $25 per session
Pressure Level: 2 (medium)
UVA: 97.5%
UVB: 2.5%
Max Exposure: 9 minutes
Availability: Midtown East Only
The Starship VHR69 surrounds you with 69 200-watt bulbs. It is a medium pressure booth, which allows you to attain that super dark tan. It is another VHR High Performance unit. The increased bulbs provide a super even tan in hard to tan areas such as the back of the neck, shoulders, underarms and the sides of your body.
iDome Level 5
$36 per session

Price: $36 per session
Pressure Level: 5 (high)
UVA: 99%
UVB: 1%
Max Exposure: 8 minutes
Availability: Midtown East Only
The ultimate stand-up with 58 lamps. Equipped with the only facial system to feature slowly rotating high-pressure lamps for full coverage of the face, neck, & upper body, iDome pinpoints those hard-to-tan areas & promises that not one inch is left pale & it only takes 8 minutes! Its features include Misty Breeze & aroma for your soothing comfort, user controlled facials, adjustable face & body air conditioning, & exterior illumination featuring six different colors, Mp3 jack & holder that allows you to boom your musical favorites.

Health Risk Warning: UV radiation from indoor tanning devices can cause: Skin Cancer, including melanoma, the type of skin cancer responsible for the most deaths • Eye burns that can cause intense pain and negatively affect vision • Sunburn (discomfort, pain and tenderness on the skin) • Early skin aging, such as wrinkles and age spots.

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