Our Products

Matrix X2

Pressure Level: High (Level 4)

UVB: 1% UVA: 99%

Max Exposure: 12 Minutes

This 360 degree Italian made vertical tanning unit offers comfort and performance like no other. You will receive amazing results in just 12 minutes in this high pressure tanning standup. This unit helps achieve the most even color especially under the arms and the sides of your body which are hard to tan while laying on a bed. The unit is designed to give you a non-claustrophobic environment. Available at 34th Location.


Pressure Level: High (Level 4)

UVB: 1% UVA: 99%

Max Exposure: 8 Minutes

Only available at our 56th location!!!
The ultimate stand-up with 58 lamps. Equipped with the only facial system to feature slowly rotating high-pressure lamps for full coverage of the face, neck, & upper body, iDome pinpoints those hard-to-tan areas & promises that not one inch is left pale & it only takes 8 minutes! Its features include Misty Breeze & aroma for your soothing comfort, user controlled facials, adjustable face & body air conditioning, & exterior illumination featuring six different colors, Mp3 jack & holder that allows you to boom your musical favorites. Nothing compares to the result of this spectacular machine!

Starship VHR69

Pressure Level: Medium (Level 2)

UVB: 2.5% UVA: 97.5%

Max Exposure: 9 Minutes

The Starship VHR69 surrounds you with 69 200-watt bulbs. It is a medium pressure booth, which allows you to attain that super dark tan. It is another VHR High Performance unit. The increased bulbs provide a super even tan in hard to tan areas such as the back of the neck, shoulders, underarms and the sides of your body.

Sun Capsule VHR Euro

Pressure Level: Low (Level 1)

UVB: 8% UVA: 92%

Max Exposure: 12 Minutes

The Sun Capsule Euro unit features 40 160 watt VHR lamps and an 18 MPH fan for comfortable no sweat tanning. VHR is synonymous with High Performance Tanning. You will emerge from the stand up with a deep, even tan.