Our Products

Airbrush tanning gives you a beautiful instant tan within a few minutes. It is used on all skin types and can be applied in different shades. Whether you desire the bronzed goddess look or just a light glow, our staff is trained in customizing color in regards to your needs. Our staff is also focused on paying attention to those delicate areas, such as the hands and feet, which need extra preparation before application. In addition, technicians are able to customize your tan to your specific needs. You can tan just your face, neck and arms, waist up, or whole body - the choice is yours!

Expect your airbrush tan to last from four to seven days, sometimes longer! It's the perfect quick fix for those important events in your life, a great mood enhancer on a gloomy day in the dead of winter or whatever the case may be.

Most importantly, airbrush tanning is safe. The active ingredient is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a sugar extract that interacts with the skin and produces a tan color. The FDA approves it.

Call our salons if you have any questions regarding preparation and maintenance.
Please book your appointment at least 1 day in advance.
We use Norvell & California Tan Solutions. Regular and ORGANIC options are available. We use the best solutions in the industry!